The new age love demands 'at least 1 crore,' woman with 4 LPA salary seeks groom on internet

A snapshot containing the list of criteria a woman has for her potential groom circulated on X, and predictably, it gained rapid viral attention.

Shantanu Poswal
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A 37-year-old woman from Mumbai has found herself in the spotlight on social media due to her specific requirements for a potential groom, which have sparked widespread discussion and reactions online. The viral phenomenon began when snapshots of her detailed expectations were shared on X by user Ambar, quickly capturing the attention of netizens.

Translated from Marathi to English, the woman outlined her criteria, emphasizing that she works in Mumbai and desires a partner who also resides in the city. Her expectations include a prospective groom who possesses his own residence, job, or business in Mumbai. 

Additionally, she specified a preference for a partner from an educated family background, particularly favoring individuals in professions such as surgery or Chartered Accountancy (CA). Notably, she also expressed a desire for a partner with an annual income of at least one crore rupees.

User Reactions

Numerous X users chimed in with their perspectives and opinions on the woman's expectations. One user highlighted statistical data, noting the rarity of individuals with such high incomes in India, while another defended the woman's right to choose her desired partner. Another commenter shared personal experiences from the marriage marketplace, shedding light on the phenomenon of high-expectation profiles made by parents.

Some commenters delved into financial implications, speculating about the woman's financial planning and potential debt. Meanwhile, a humorous perspective emerged as well, with a commenter playfully suggesting that the woman's preferences may have been influenced by a childhood crush on someone from Italy.