Uno reverse? Watch UP cop steal light bulb during duty in Ballia district

The sight of a policeman stealing a bulb left observers astonished, prompting them to question his motivations. Calls for action against the officer featured prominently in the public response to the video.

Shantanu Poswal
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Courtesy: X/@Indiadailylive

In a concerning development from Uttar Pradesh's Ballia district, an incident of theft involving a homeguard has come to light in the Sikandarpur police station area. The homeguard  was caught on CCTV stealing a light bulb, and the video of this act quickly spread across social media platforms on Wednesday (April 24). Reports suggest that the incident occurred on April 20, further tarnishing the reputation of law enforcement in the state.

The CCTV footage clearly captures the homeguard 's movements as he surveys the area before deciding to abscond with the bulb. He can be seen casually conversing on his mobile phone before making his way to a chair, where he swiftly removes the bulb and stores it in his pocket. The ease with which he carries out this act has sparked widespread discussion online.

What's particularly striking about the video is the nonchalant demeanour of the homeguard throughout the theft. He appears unperturbed, continuing his phone conversation as if nothing untoward is happening. Initially, it seemed like he might be attending to the bulb for maintenance purposes, but it becomes evident that his true intent was theft.

Although the homeguard may have assumed his actions would go unnoticed, the active CCTV camera near the shop captured the entire sequence. The footage quickly made its way onto social media platforms, drawing shock and criticism from viewers. Many questioned the motives behind the homeguard's actions and called for accountability.

As of now, it remains unclear whether the authorities have taken cognizance of the incident or if any action has been initiated against the homeguard implicated in the video. The public outcry underscores the importance of maintaining integrity and upholding the law, even among those entrusted with law enforcement responsibilities.