Watch: THIS volcano is throwing out gold with very eruption; Can you catch it?

Gold may traditionally come from deep mines, but a surprising source high in the Antarctic sky is spewing millions of rupees worth of the precious metal every day.

Mayank Kasyap
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Courtesy: X/Cool_Blue_Dot

New Delhi: Scientists have discovered that Mount Erebus, an active volcano in Antarctica, releases gas containing around 80 grams of crystallized gold particles daily. At current market prices, this translates to roughly 5 lakh rupees ($6,000 USD) worth of gold literally flying through the air.

The not-so-golden catch

However, dreams of an airborne gold rush are quickly dashed by the harsh realities of Mount Erebus' location. Reaching this volcanic treasure trove is no easy feat. The remote location, 621 miles from the continent's southernmost tip, is perpetually covered in snow and sits at a daunting altitude of 12,448 feet.

A continuously erupting wonder

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Earth Observatory, Mount Erebus is a continuously erupting volcano since 1972. This icy giant spews a unique type of lava, molten material that remains unfrozen due to its unusual composition. This rare phenomenon creates a permanent, molten lake at the volcano's peak.

Beyond gold: A treasure trove of elements

Professor Connor Bacon of Columbia University, New York, highlights that the Erebus plume carries not just gold, but a cocktail of other precious metals. Scientists are still unraveling the mysteries of this volcanic marvel.

A harsh landscape with hidden secrets

Mount Erebus, along with Deception Island, presents a formidable challenge for scientific exploration. Harsh weather conditions and frequent earthquakes often render equipment inoperable. However, this hasn't deterred researchers who recently discovered a vast saltwater river flowing beneath the ice sheet, believed to be a remnant of an ancient sea trapped for millennia.

A land of ongoing discovery

Years of scientific investigation into Mount Erebus have yielded fascinating discoveries, and the secrets this remote volcano holds promise to continue captivating researchers for years to come.