Watch video: Cape Town's escaped hippo takes leisurely stroll through suburbs

A hippopotamus took Cape Town residents by surprise this weekend after escaping the Rondvlei Nature Reserve and embarking on an unexpected stroll through the city's suburbs.

Mayank Kasyap
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Courtesy: Youtube/News24Video

Cape Town: Videos of the hefty mammal casually navigating the empty streets have gone viral, igniting amusement and a touch of trepidation on social media. Residents captured footage showing the hippo wandering through quiet neighborhoods, likely searching for familiar greenery.

Close encounter with a colossal creature

One resident recounted the surreal experience to local media. "My 74-year-old mom watched from inside the house, very scared, as the hippo came straight for our door," they said. Thankfully, the hippo changed course and headed up the road before causing any major damage, although it did leave a memento in the form of a broken wall after jumping over it.

Escape triggered by territorial dispute

Reports suggest the hippo's jailbreak stemmed from a scuffle with a dominant male within the reserve. Fortunately, wildlife officials and police were able to safely guide the hippo back to its enclosure, and no injuries were reported.

Rondvlei tightens security after unlikely breakout

This incident has undoubtedly prompted the Rondvlei Nature Reserve to review its security measures to prevent future escapes. While the sight of a hippopotamus strolling through Cape Town's suburbs makes for a captivating story, it's a reminder of the importance of keeping wildlife safely contained.