Watch video: Conversation from Haryana Assembly, netizens say India is not for beginners

Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda jumps into conversation during the assembly session and start narrating a tale.

Sonia Dham
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Courtesy: Instagram/raheja0811

Some hilarious scenes have surfaced from the Haryana Legislative Assembly on social media, where one of the leaders can be seen explaining the route of the highway, while other members start taking jibes at him. The video shows that suddenly, Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda jumps into conversation and start narrating a tale.

Speaking in Punjabi, he related the story of two men who were riding in a train at one point. One of them was seated on the bottom berth, while the other was seated on the top one. Saying things like "Where are you going," "Which state are you traveling to," "Which place are you going," and so on, they struck up a discussion.

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“Kahan se aaya ho, kahan jana hai, kon si jagah…” and both the passengers continued asking the same questions to each other. Interrupting in between, the third person asked them, why both are asking the same questions when they were traveling to the same place. Then, they both replied we are a father-son duo and we are passing our time.

Hooda responded with a jab, stating that the two leaders are idly occupying their time in the legislature. The assembly soon broke out in laughter.

Social media users also responded in funnier way. One of the users wrote, “Yhi hal hai har vidhansabha ke this the biggest reason why india is still an under development country. Inko elect krte hai hum or inhe desh ki problems se koi lena dena nahi hota shame on indian politics..”

Another wrote, “Hudda ji ka Sixer.”

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