Watch video: Police inspector open fires with service rifle at religious procession

The video, purportedly recorded on the 13th, depicts a sub-inspector firing shots during a Bhagwat program.

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Courtesy: X/Sirajnoorani

Auraiya: A concerning incident unfolded during a program in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, where a police inspector in uniform was captured on video firing shots. The footage of Inspector Harsh's firing quickly circulated on social media, prompting authorities to take swift action and launch an investigation into the matter.

Viral video sparks outrage

The video, purportedly recorded on the March 13, depicts an inspector firing shots during a Bhagwat program. Despite the ban on indiscriminate firing, the inspector is seen wielding a firearm with apparent disregard for safety measures. His casual remark, "Saiya Kotwal, why fear?" only adds to the gravity of the situation.

Investigation launched agains the inspector

Upon discovering the viral video, law enforcement officials sprung into action, recognizing the severity of the incident. Additional Superintendent of Police confirmed that the officer in question, identified as inspector Shyam Singh, hails from Mainpuri district and is stationed in Auraiya. An investigation is underway, and a case has been registered against Inspector Shyam Singh under relevant sections.

Accountability matters

While police officers are entrusted with upholding law and order, instances like these raise concerns about accountability within the force. The indiscriminate use of firearms by an officer in uniform not only undermines public trust but also highlights the need for stringent disciplinary measures.

As authorities delve deeper into the investigation, it is imperative to hold those responsible for misconduct accountable. Upholding the integrity of law enforcement agencies is crucial in maintaining public confidence and ensuring the safety of communities.