Will you marry your captor to save your life? Meet Freed from Hamas captivity, Israeli teen speaks out about captor's marriage demand

During an interview, 18-year-old Noga Weiss disclosed, "On day 14 of my captivity, he presented me with a ring, and I remained with him until day 50."

Shantanu Poswal
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Courtesy: X/@AvivaKlompas

In a harrowing account, an Israeli woman who endured a 50-day captivity in Gaza last year revealed the traumatic experience of being propositioned for marriage by one of her Hamas captors. Noga Weiss, 18, shared these disturbing details during an interview on Thursday.

Forced Marriage Proposal

Weiss recounted the shocking moment when her captor presented her with a ring on the 14th day of her captivity. "He gave me a ring on day 14 [in captivity], and I stayed with him until day 50," she revealed. The captor's intentions were made clear as he stated, "He told me, Everyone will be released, but you will stay here with me and have my children."

Faced with the perilous situation, Weiss had to think quickly to protect her life. When questioned about her response to the proposal, she admitted, "I pretended to laugh so he wouldn't shoot me in the head."

Emotional Reunion with Mother

In a twist of events, Weiss's captor brought her mother, whom she had presumed dead after their separation during the kidnapping, in an attempt to obtain approval for the forced marriage. "One of the Hamas members said he loves me, he wants to marry me and brought my mother to me so she would approve of our marriage," Weiss revealed. The emotional reunion left her stunned, as she added, "A woman dressed as an Arab entered, and I realise it's my mother. I thought they killed her, I thought I was alone. Suddenly she's alive, and I'm no longer alone."

Noga Weiss and her mother were eventually released as part of a four-day truce between Israel and Hamas in November of the previous year.

Tragic Beginning

According to a report by The Times of Israel, Weiss's ordeal began when thousands of Hamas-affiliated militants attacked Israel on October 7. At the time, Weiss was residing with her parents in Kibbutz Be'eri. Tragically, her father, Ilan, 56, left their home to join the kibbutz emergency squad and never returned. It was later discovered that he had been killed on the same day, and his body was taken to Gaza.