The Septa: How will Amit Shah's Hyderabad visit impact BJP's election prospects, understand in 7 points

The Septa: In Top Indian News special series 'The Septa,' we will analyze the impact of Amit Shah's visit on the BJP's chances in Hyderabad.

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The Septa: Two phases of Lok Sabha elections have already been completed in India and the campaigning is in full swing. The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, is currently on his third election tour and has visited Hyderabad, Telangana, on May 1st. During this visit, he conducted a road show in support of Madhavi Lata, the BJP candidate from Hyderabad who will be contesting against AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi. In Top Indian News special series called 'The Septa,' we will analyze the impact of Amit Shah's visit on the BJP's chances in Hyderabad.

1. The Demographics of Hyderabad

The Hindu population in Telangana is approximately 3 crore 51 lakh, making them the majority. The Muslim community is the second largest community in Hyderabad. This visit by Amit Shah may benefit the BJP in the upcoming elections.  

2. A New Contender: Madhavi Lata

Madhavi Lata is a well-known figure in Hyderabad who is actively involved in the Hindutva agenda and social work. She is the chief of the Charitable Trust and Latama Foundation, where she works towards the betterment of education.  
3. Triangular Contest in Hyderabad  

In the last election, Owaisi won by a margin of six lakh votes, but it may not be the same this time as he is up against Dr Madhavi Lata, a new but eloquent politician. To win for the fifth time, Owaisi must contest the elections fearlessly.  

4. The BJP's Strategy to Win Hyderabad Seat 

Union Home Minister Amit Shah conducted a roadshow in Hyderabad to support Madhavi Lata, the BJP candidate for the Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency. This time, the Hyderabad seat in Telangana is expected to be a closely contested one.  

5. Asaduddin Owaisi's Influence on Muslim Community

In Hyderabad, the upcoming election is expected to be triangular. This is because the Congress party currently holds the state government, while the MP Owaisi has been winning the Hyderabad seat by a large margin. However, the addition of Madhavi Lata as a candidate has made the political situation in Hyderabad triangular.

6. The Impact of Amit Shah's Visit  

The Hyderabad constituency has a larger Hindu population compared to Muslims, which may lead to some Muslim voters supporting Congress while others support Muslim parties. Nevertheless, the BJP is expected to have an edge in the upcoming elections. It would be interesting to see who emerges victorious in the end.

7. The Upcoming Election: Who Will Win?

Amit Shah's visit might be beneficial for the BJP as his vote bank politics revolves around the Hindus. His visit will boost party workers' confidence in the constituency as well. Since Asaduddin Owaisi has had a huge impact on the Muslim community, it is highly expected that his visit will unify Hindu voters.