The Septa: Priyanka Gandhi rains down flare on BJP; Understanding in 7 key points

Congress veteran leader Priyanka Gandhi has once again did a rally in Gujarat and this time she addressed Nyaya Sankalp Sabha in Banaskantha.

Jigyasha Kumari
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Courtesy: X/Priyanka Gandhi

After two phases of voting in the Lok Sabha elections, now the third phase of voting is to be held on May 7. In this phase, voting will be held on the seats of Gujarat. Veteran leaders of BJP and Congress are busy campaigning all over Gujarat. In this sequence, Congress veteran leader Priyanka Gandhi has once again did a rally in Gujarat and this time she addressed Nyaya Sankalp Sabha in Banaskantha. Here are key takeaways from Priyanka Gandhi's rally from Gujarat. 

PM Modi calls my brother 'Shehzada' 

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has attacked PM Modi for labelling her brother Rahul Gandhi as 'Shehzada.' She said that her brother had walked 4000 kilometres, PM Modi was sitting in his palace and would not understand the plight of farmers. 

Concerned about rich people, not the common man 

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi alleged that PM Modi is only concerned about rich people and not the common man. She said that have you seen PM Modi meeting a farmer? Farmers protest against the black laws. Hundreds of farmers are martyred, but the PM does not go to meet them. And Priyanka Gandhi said that the BJP people want to change the constitution and want to snatch away the rights of the people. 

Priyanka Gandhi on Covishield

Priyanka Gandhi also attacked on the BJP government on ongoing Covishield controversy. She alleged that the government of putting the lives of people at stake for "extorting political donations" from a vaccine manufacturer. 

After losing, PM Modi withdrew the laws made for farmers

Look at the working style of today's Prime Minister. Gujarat has given PM Modi respect, self-respect and strength, but he is seen only with big people. Did you see PM Modi meeting someone? Farmers are protesting  for the law. Hundreds of farmers are martyred, but the Prime Minister does not even go to meet them. Now, ahead of election, they felt that we will not get votes then PM Modi changed the law.

Priyanka Gandhi targeted PM Modi of lying

Targeting PM Modi, Priyanka Gandhi said that we are learn from our elders but what can we learn by looking at PM Modi. He keeps lying. The Prime Minister of the country does not like such things. PM accuse the Congress of stealing the buffalo. This is a lie. You show us whose buffaloes we snatched in the last 55 years. PM Modi was in power for 10 years but our standard of living did not improve.

Women of Rajput society were insulted

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has also targeted the BJP over the Roopa comment controversy and Kshatriya outrage. In the Banaskantha rally, Priyanka Gandhi said, 'Women of the Rajput community were insulted here. Did Narendra Modi listen to you? Why not remove that candidate? I promise my sisters that if we get a chance, we will not let women be insulted like this.' Apart from this, Priyanka Gandhi speaking for the farmers said that 'a law will be made regarding MSP, GST will be removed from all agricultural products, compensation will be given for 30 days for crop damage.'

Youths are waiting for jobs

Talking about the issue of paper leak, Priyanka Gandhi said that 'Paper leaks happen all over the country. Papers were leaked 14 times in 10 years in BJP government. 30 lakh jobs are vacant in Central Govt. Outsourcing and contract employment. Even after the recruitment exam, the youth is waiting for the job. 'A private university is opening in Gujarat which will have to pay expensive fees.'