Baltimore bridge collapse: 2 more bodies found in submerged truck; extended search operation continues

The vessel collided with the prominent bridge, leading to its rapid collapse within seconds and resulting in a harrowing spectacle.

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Courtesy: X/LorettaKrypto

In a tragic incident that has rocked Baltimore Harbor, the bodies of two construction workers were discovered submerged in their red pickup truck following a catastrophic bridge collapse caused by a collision with a cargo ship. The victims were identified as Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, 35, from Mexico, and Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, 26, originally from Guatemala.

Maryland State Police Colonel Roland Butler confirmed that the red pickup truck containing the bodies was located in approximately 25 feet of water near the mid-section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which had collapsed due to the impact of the cargo ship.

Authorities in Maryland were confronted with the daunting task of recovery as they announced that six out of the eight crew members were presumed dead, with four still unaccounted for amidst the wreckage. Sonar scans revealed additional vehicles trapped in the twisted steel debris, prompting a transition from rescue efforts to salvage operations.

Colonel Butler addressed reporters in a somber press conference, stating, "Based on sonar scans, we firmly believe that the vehicles are encased in the superstructure and concrete that we tragically saw come down."

The container ship involved in the collision, named Dali and bound for Sri Lanka, had reportedly lost power just moments before striking a support column of the bridge, resulting in a trail of devastation. Despite the crew's mayday call, the warning came too late to prevent the loss of life among the workers on the bridge. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Peter Gautier provided reassurance that the ship posed no environmental threat, even though it was carrying hazardous cargo, including billions of gallons of oil.