Iran-Iraq conflict: US-controlled Ain Al-Assad base targeted with rocket barrage, video surfaces

Iran-Iraq conflict: The incident has resulted in multiple injuries to US troops, marking a concerning escalation in the region.

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Iran-Iraq conflict: Ain Al-Assad base in Iraq, under the control of US forces, faced a significant missile attack, with at least 20 missiles of varying capacity hitting the strategic military installation at first. The incident has resulted in multiple injuries to US troops, marking a concerning escalation in the region.

Iran-Iraq conflict: Did Iranian proxies crossed red line?

US officials have pointed fingers at Iranian proxies, suggesting that this aggressive move has crossed a red line. The attack on Ain Al-Assad base, which houses American forces, has heightened tensions in an already volatile region.

Iran-Iraq conflict: Consideration of AUMF doctrine

In response to this attack, US officials are reportedly considering the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) doctrine, similar to the one employed after the 9/11 attacks when striking Afghanistan. This contemplation underlines the gravity of the situation and the potential for a robust military response.

Iran-Iraq conflict: Two US troops injured

The missile barrage, comprising nearly 20 missiles aimed at Ain Al-Assad base, has led to casualties among US personnel. Two US troops have reportedly sustained slight injuries in the attack, further intensifying concerns about the safety and security of American forces in the region.

Iran-Iraq conflict: Ongoing surveillance 

In the wake of the attack, the United States has maintained a vigilant stance. A United States Air Force Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (USAF BACN) has been airborne along the Iraq-Syria border for the third consecutive day. Despite this ongoing surveillance, no decisive action has been taken as of now.

Iran-Iraq conflict: Drone downed, unrelenting attacks

The hostile environment is evident as a Reaper drone was reportedly shot down over Iraq, indicating the relentless nature of the conflict. The scale and persistence of the attacks scaled up with time. Apparently at least 20 ballistic missiles were fired on Ain Al-Assad base, illustrating the complex security challenges faced by the US forces in the region.