Israel attacks southern Lebanon's residential buildings with air strikes; Civilian death toll rises

Over a million people were forcibly removed from Rafah, while Israeli soldiers killed 40 Palestinians in attacks around Gaza in the past 24 hours.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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The war between Israel and Palestine is still ongoing, Following the 'All Eyes On Rafah' trend on social media, the world had its eyes on the conflict and civilian casualty. Another strike has happened in a smaller proportion. Israel has yet again struck a residential area that led to civilian casualties on the outskirts of a town in southern Lebanon. The deaths and numbers are yet to be numbered by the time this story is being written. The Hamas resistance has also launched rockets aimed at Israeli military bases, The video of the strikes has started to surface on the internet. 

The video describes the horror

The video depicts smoke around the atmosphere as it decimates life and everything around it. Previously, Israel responded to 'All Eyes On Rafah' with 'Where Were Your Eyes On October 7' signifying the attack by Hamas on Israel. About 55 percent of all structures in Gaza have been destroyed, damaged, or possibly damaged by the war, according to a preliminary satellite analysis carried out by the United Nations Satellite Centre (UNSOAT). Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip has killed at least 36,479 Palestinians and wounded 82,777 since October 7, the Palestinian enclave’s Health Ministry says.

Palestinian casualties increase 

Forty Palestinians have been killed and 150 wounded in the past 24 hours, the ministry said in a statement. According to the Health Ministry of the Palestinian enclave, since October 7, Israel's military assault in the Gaza Strip has resulted in at least 36,479 Palestinian deaths and 82,777 injuries. The ministry claimed in a statement that in the last 24 hours, there have been 40 Palestinian deaths and 150 injuries.

Gaza's hospital in dire conditions 

Gaza's hospitals are overflowing with patients as they treat those injured by Israeli shelling day and night. A significant number of patients are forced to sleep on the floor, and some need assistance that the hospitals are unable to offer. Patients are also unable to obtain essential medical care overseas due to the closing of the Rafah crossing into Egypt. In addition, the Israeli siege is making it harder for Gaza's hospitals to provide basic medical supplies, and medical professionals are warning that many more deaths will result if the blockade is not eased.