Operation Arnon: Israeli forces kill '210 Palestinians' in Gaza to rescue '4 hostages' | Watch

Initially this operation was named “Seeds of Summer”, but later it was changed to “Operation Arnon” after the name of Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora who was killed during this operation.

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Israel said its forces rescued four hostages alive from a Gaza refugee camp on Saturday, after an operation that militant group Hamas said left dozens of Palestinians dead and wonded. It has been more than 8 months since the Gaza war. This war, which started to free the hostages and eliminate Hamas, is not ending. The Israeli Army has carried out the most courageous, complex and risky operation so far in this war. On Saturday, the Israeli army said that it has rescued four hostages by carrying out a successful operation in Central Gaza.

Rescue four hostages 

According to the Times of Israel, the operation to rescue four hostages: Noah Argamani, 26, Almog Meir Jan, 21, Andrey Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 41, was planned several weeks in advance. Initially this operation was named “Seeds of Summer”, but later it was changed to “Operation Arnon” after the name of Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora who was killed during this operation.

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How rescue ops was planned? 

While planning the operation, the Israeli army closely studied the intelligence information related to the location of the hostages, because Hamas had been changing the location of the hostages since the beginning of the war. Before the operation, the army's special unit Yamam conducted several exercises on the roads leading out of Nusrat in central Gaza. Regarding this, military officials said that it was “similar to the Entebbe raid” of 1976, when Israeli commandos rescued more than 100 hostages in Uganda.

PM approved operation

According to official sources, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Galant had approved this operation on Thursday evening. Then on Saturday morning the Army's Shen Bit and Yamam units started their operation at the place where the hostages were imprisoned. At 11 in the morning, the army was ordered to raid the two-storey building where there was input of hostages.

How they implemented the rescue ops? 

Nusrat is one of the few areas of Gaza that the IDF has not entered during the ground offensive. The army attacked the building very quietly, because it was afraid of killing the hostages. The three hostages were kept by Hamas along with a Palestinian family and were being monitored by Hamas fighters. Another hostage, Argamani, was also being kept by Hamas fighters in a nearby building.

According to the army, Argamani was easily freed, but dangerous gunfire was required to free the three hostages kept with the family. These three hostages included Mir Jan, Kozlov and Ziv. The IDF says that Hamas pays the family to hide the hostages.

Army had to face heavy shelling 

The army had to face heavy shelling from Hamas fighters. In which the commander of the rescue team, Jamora, was badly injured and later died. Besides, Hamas fighters deployed to protect the hostages have also been killed in this operation.
Shortly afterwards, when the hostages were being taken out of Nusrat. So his vehicle was fired upon, due to which he got trapped in Gaza. Another army contingent immediately arrived at the scene to rescue him and took him to a temporary helipad in Gaza, from where he was taken to Israel's Tel Hashomer hospital.

210 people killed during ops

Hamas' state media office said at least 210 people were killed during the operation, which the IDF acknowledged killed Palestinian civilians during the fighting, but blamed on capturing hostages and fighting in a densely populated civilian area. Hamas has been blamed for this. According to Reuters report, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said in a media briefing that we are aware of less than 100 Palestinian casualties, I do not know how many of them are terrorists.