Sania Mirza's divorce from Shoaib Malik: What is difference between 'Khula' and 'Talaq'?

After Shoaib Malik’s surprise wedding with Pak actor Sana Javed, there are reports that Sania Mirza filed the divorce from him, known as Khula in Islamic terms. Know difference between Khula & Talaq...

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Former Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik stunned fans on Saturday by announcing he had married Pakistani actress Sana Javed. The news came amid swirling Rumor of separation from his second wife, Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, with whom he has a son.

Malik shared a photo with his new bride on social media, with a caption from the Quran: “And We created you in pairs.” This seemingly confirmed the end of his marriage to Mirza. According to family sources, it was Mirza who filed for divorce under the Islamic practice of ‘khula’. Her father stated she opted for khula and officially divorced Malik.

What is Khula Divorce?

In Islamic law, ‘khula’ and ‘talaq’ are two forms of divorce. While both dissolve a marriage, they differ in how they are initiated.

Khula refers to a wife’s right to unilaterally separate from her husband. Its aims are to protect women’s rights within Islam’s framework. The wife requests khula from the court, providing valid reasons like abuse or incompatibility. She may also return the ‘mehr’ dowry payment or make a financial settlement to the husband.

After khula, the husband bears responsibility for children’s education and support. Children usually live with the mother until age seven for sons, and puberty for daughters.

How Does It Differ From Talaq?

Talaq is when the husband initiates divorce. Under Muslim law, talaq immediately ends the marriage once pronounced. The husband can unilaterally give talaq without cause or procedure. He must then repay the wife’s dowry and property.

Shoaib and Sania’s Marriage

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza married in Hyderabad in 2010, living in Dubai. They had son Izhaan in 2018. In recent years, rumours emerged about marital troubles. Though Malik insisted last year their marriage was strong, reports of their divorce surfaced two months ago.

Recently, Mirza shared a cryptic Instagram post about divorce being hard, further fueling speculation. While the sports power couple has now apparently split, Malik has quickly moved on with a new bride.