UNGA President affirms India's global role, supports permanent UNSC seat bid

India permanent UNSC seat: Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, UNGA President Francis voiced concerns about the outdated structure of the UN Security Council.

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Courtesy: ANI

India permanent UNSC seat: In a resounding endorsement, Dennis Francis, President of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), lauded India's mature and respected standing within the United Nations. Expressing optimism about India's bid for a permanent seat on the Security Council, Francis underscored the nation's leadership and credibility on the global stage.

India's Role and Leadership Recognized

Dennis Francis acknowledged India's pivotal role within the United Nations, describing it as a "mature and highly respected member." He emphasized India's leadership across various domains and expresses confidence in the country's capability to contribute positively to international affairs.

Security Council's Outdated Structure Raises Concerns

Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi, UNGA President Francis voiced concerns about the outdated structure of the UN Security Council. He highlighted the need for reforms, pointing out that the current composition does not reflect the contemporary geopolitical landscape. The President underlined the Council's challenges in making critical decisions for global peace and security, often influenced by geopolitical considerations and the use of veto power.

Geopolitical Dynamics Impacting Council's Functionality

President Francis criticized the Security Council's inability to adapt to the changed world dynamics. He attributed the Council's recent struggles to make essential decisions to geopolitical influences that often lead to the use of the veto by member nations. He underscored the need for reforms to enhance the Council's effectiveness in promoting international peace and security.

Support for India's Permanent UNSC Membership

Addressing India's pursuit of a permanent seat on the UNSC, the UNGA President expressed strong support. He acknowledged India's leadership qualities and states, "India is a mature, highly respected member of the United Nations." While recognizing India's positive contributions, he wished the government and people of India success in their quest for permanent membership.

India's Longstanding Quest for Permanent Seat

India's aspiration for a permanent seat in the UNSC has been a longstanding pursuit, representing the interests of the developing world. As a non-permanent member for eight terms, India has actively advocated for reforms within the UNSC. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has passionately advocated for India's permanent membership, emphasizing the need for the UNSC to reflect the contemporary world order.

Dennis Francis' endorsement adds momentum to India's quest for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Recognizing India's leadership and influence, the UNGA President's words echo the sentiments of many supporting India's enhanced role in shaping global peace and security. As India continues its pursuit, the call for UNSC reforms gains prominence, signaling a potential shift in the dynamics of international diplomacy.