US crash claims lives of three Indian women from Gujarat in speeding car

Rekhaben Patel, Sangitaben Patel, and Manishaben Patel, residents of Gujarat's Anand district, were the three women identified in the incident.

Shantanu Poswal
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In a devastating turn of events, three Indian women from Gujarat met with a fatal accident in South Carolina's Greenville County. The incident occurred when the SUV they were travelling in, at a high speed, lost control, veered across all lanes, and careened up an embankment before crashing into trees on the other side, resulting in their deaths. The accident also left one person injured.

Victims Identified as Residents of Gujarat

The deceased were identified as Rekhaben Patel, Sangitaben Patel, and Manishaben Patel, all residents of Gujarat's Anand district. Chief Deputy Coroner Mike Ellis, while describing the aftermath of the crash, mentioned that the vehicle was found in pieces, indicating the force of the impact. He noted, "It is obvious they were travelling above the posted speed limit."

Investigation and Response

The vehicle was reportedly heading north on Interstate 85 when it veered off the road, crossing four lanes of traffic before colliding with trees. The coroner's office, in collaboration with other agencies, is actively investigating to determine the speed at which the car was travelling. Multiple emergency response teams, including South Carolina Highway Patrol, Gannt Fire and Rescue, and several Greenville County EMS units, swiftly responded to the scene.

Quotes from Officials

Expressing the rarity and severity of the accident, Chief Deputy Coroner Ellis remarked, "Very seldom do you see a vehicle that leaves the roadway at such a high rate of speed that it jumps 4-6 lanes of traffic and lands in the trees approximately 20 feet." He emphasised the tragic nature of the incident, particularly due to the loss of family members, possibly related.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Cause

While the exact cause of the crash has not been officially confirmed, news outlets have reported that the driver of the SUV, who was also injured, was transported to the hospital for treatment. However, the current condition of the driver remains unknown. Ellis also mentioned that the victims were from Georgia, adding another layer of complexity to the tragic event.