Will China keep Xi Jinping's pledge to Joe Biden: No interference in US Elections 2024?

US Elections 2024: Reportedly, US President Joe Biden was given assurances by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that China would not meddle in the upcoming US presidential election.

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Courtesy: Top Indian News

US Elections 2024: Concerns are being raised over potential Chinese interference in the upcoming 2024 US presidential election, despite pledges from President Xi Jinping to avoid meddling.

Is China’s interference concerning for US Elections 2024?

The issue first emerged during a high-stakes meeting between Xi and President Joe Biden in California last year, where Xi briefly addressed election interference, according to White House officials.

It resurfaced last weekend in Bangkok talks between US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Wang reiterated Xi's commitment that Beijing would refrain from interfering in US elections this year. Preventing foreign meddling in American democracy remains a top priority after Russia's proven interference in the 2016 presidential race.

While China has traditionally been more subtle than nations like Russia, worries persist over its cyber capabilities and recent intelligence indicating more aggressive influence efforts targeting US voters and politicians.

Is China influencing the US public?

Since 2020, Chinese authorities have directed operatives to sway US policy and public opinion through methods like fake social media accounts criticizing American leaders. Chinese hackers have previously infiltrated critical US infrastructure, sparking concerns about potential disruptions.

Experts warn China may utilize advanced AI and social media disinformation in an attempt to shape the outcome of the 2024 election. The US is also on guard for interference campaigns from Russia, Iran, and other adversaries.

What’s the US govt’s stance to counter Chinese cyber activities?

In response, the US government has taken proactive measures to safeguard elections and counter Chinese cyber activities. The FBI and Justice Department recently disabled parts of a Chinese hacking operation through a remote cyber operation, sources revealed.

While Beijing claims it will honor Xi's pledge, Washington remains wary given China's track record and ongoing warnings from the intelligence community. US officials have made clear any repeat election meddling would jeopardize relations with China.

With the stakes high in 2024, the Biden administration is preparing to defend American democracy against an array of foreign threats. However, Xi's vow to avoid interference, if honored, could mitigate one significant risk in an already complex election landscape. Vigilance and deterrence will remain essential in the months ahead.