‘He is a British citizen’ allegations against Rahul Gandhi's Raebareli nomination

A grievance has been filed against the nomination of Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the Congress party, for the Raebareli constituency, raising concerns regarding his nationality and a defamation case.

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Courtesy: ANI

A complaint was lodged against Rahul Gandhi regarding his nomination from the Raebareli seat in Uttar Pradesh, bringing into question his nationality and recent conviction in a defamation case. Advocate Ashok Pandey, representing Anirudh Pratap Singh, filed the complaint with the Returning Officer of Raebareli, challenging the validity of Rahul Gandhi's nomination based on these two grounds.

In a statement Pandey highlighted, “First, Rahul Gandhi has been convicted for two years... He is ineligible to contest elections. Even though the Supreme Court has put a stay on Rahul Gandhi's conviction, it has not given any verdict, like Afzal Ansari saying he can contest again... Since his stay on conviction does not involve permission to contest elections he should back off.”

Additionally, Pandey pointed out that in 2006, Rahul Gandhi mentioned his nationality as British, which would disqualify him from contesting elections as per the Constitution. Following the complaint, a meeting was arranged with Rahul Gandhi's representative, and the complaint was acknowledged by the authorities.

Responding to the complaint, Congress leader Ajay Pal Singh defended Rahul Gandhi's nomination, stating, "There's a candidate who registered a complaint against Rahul Gandhi after the period of complaining was over... The complainant said he has filed a writ challenging Rahul Gandhi's nationality. Rahul Gandhi's nomination was valid previously as well, and it is valid now also."

Rahul Gandhi officially submitted his nomination from Raebareli, signaling an end to the speculation about his potential candidacy from Amethi. The Congress has chosen Kishori Lal Sharma as its candidate for Amethi, challenging BJP's Smriti Irani.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized Rahul Gandhi's decision not to contest from Amethi, saying, “I had said that Shehzade (Rahul Gandhi) is afraid of losing in Wayanad, and the moment voting ends, he will start looking for a third seat. Even from Amethi, despite all his loyalists saying it, he panicked so much, he ran from there and is now looking towards Raebareli. These people keep going around telling people Daro Mat. Today I will also tell them... ji bhar ke kehta hoon. Arey daro mat, bhaago mat.”