Big revelation in murder of 6 in Sitapur: Anurag's wife Priyanka was granddaughter of ex-UP CM Veer Bahadur Singh

As it seems to be a high profile case, Special Task Force will investigate the murder of six.

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A shocking picture has come to light in the case of murder of 6 people of the same family in Sitapur. Priyanka Singh, who was killed, was the granddaughter of former UP CM Veer Bahadur Singh, according to the sources. She is said to be the niece of MLA Fateh Bahadur Singh. Due to the high profile of the case, the STF team has been sent from Lucknow to unravel the matter. 

However, the police investigation is revealing the involvement of Ajit Singh, brother of deceased Anurag Singh. Meanwhile, the police have started the investigation after taking him into custody.

Big revelations of Priyanka's brother

According to the sources, the deceased Anurag's brother-in-law and Priyanka's younger brother Aditya Singh while speaking to media has asked for a detained investigation in the case. 

6 dead bodies were found in the house in Rampur

The dead body of Anurag Singh (45) was found in his room in Sitapur on Saturday morning. It was told that after shooting mother Savitri Singh (62) and wife Priyanka (40), Anurag crushed their heads with a hammer. Then the three children Arna (12), Arvi (7), and Advik (8) were thrown from the roof. After that, he committed suicide by shooting himself. 

Ajit’s confession

According to the sources, Ajit while being in the police custody confessed that he was having a dispute with his brother and sister-in-law Priyanka regarding property. They often used to argue on the same. This time, when Priyanka came home with her children, a plan was made to destroy the entire family.

Meanwhile, Priyanka’s family claimed that despite several complaints no action was taken by the police. However, after the intervention of the Uttar Pradesh government, the case has been taken seriously and handed over to Special Task Force (STF) to investigate and have been assured that action will be taken against senior officials.