Delhi govt issues fire safety orders for factories, shops after recent fire incidents

Delhi's government issues fire safety guidelines for factories and shops.

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In response to the tragic incident at a private neonatal hospital where six newborns lost their lives in a fire, the Delhi government has issued directives to ensure safety measures across factories, shops, and construction sites in the city. The Labour Department of the city government issued a circular on May 27, emphasising the need for functional firefighting equipment and clear staircases to prevent such mishaps.

Functional Firefighting Equipment Required

The circular, addressed to all district in-charges, mandated the presence of fire-fighting equipment like fire extinguishers, sand buckets, and fire alarms in proper working condition at all establishments within their respective jurisdictions. Specifically, it mentioned the necessity of fire extinguishers for electric fires and sand buckets filled with dry sand to be easily accessible at prominent locations.

Precautionary Measures for Heatwave

Given the prevailing heatwave conditions in the national capital, the circular outlined additional measures to ensure the well-being of workers and employees. It stressed the need for adequate clean drinking water availability, provision of coolers/fans, and proper ventilation in workplaces. Moreover, it advised against direct exposure to sunlight during peak hours between 12 noon to 4 pm and suggested altering work shifts to avoid this period.

Training and Awareness

The circular also highlighted the importance of sensitising and training workers and employees about precautions during heatwave conditions, such as covering their heads when exposed to direct sunlight. It recommended creating emergency kits for construction workers and employees to handle unforeseen situations effectively.

Electrical Safety Guidelines

In terms of electrical safety, the circular emphasised the importance of ensuring no joints in electric wires/cables wherever possible. It also mandated proper earthing for all non-current carrying metallic parts and metallic frames of electrical appliances or equipment to minimise the risk of electrical hazards.

These directives aim to enhance safety protocols across various establishments in Delhi and mitigate potential risks, especially during adverse weather conditions like heatwaves.