Govt's National Creators' Awards presenting 20 categories to honor Gen-Z content creators

The government of India will be awarding Gen-Z influencers, and social media creators will the National Creators' Awards. This is a brand new effort made by the government to connect with the younger crowd.

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The Government of India has made an effort to recognize the work of the younger crown of the country. In particular, they are looking towards honoring those individuals who have shown their creative skills to excel in an online presence. 

The Indian Government's offical annoucement:

Overview of the awards

According to official sources, the government is scheduled to present the National Creators' Awards on Friday to honor contemporary artists and influencers. The first-ever awards of their kind, which will be granted in almost 20 categories, are claimed to be aimed at "Gen Z," a term used to describe the younger generation that is addicted to the internet and social media.

What are some award categories?

social media influencers from platforms like YouTube and Instagram will also be in the run for prizes. They went on to say that one of the categories would be for people who had contributed to the nation's soft power and cultural exports abroad.

Additional possible categories are "green champions," "swachhta ambassadors," "agro creators," and "tech creators" They claimed that the prizes would function similarly to the national film awards, which honor motion pictures across many genres and languages.

The government recognizing the younger crowd will help them to feel empowered and heard. These awards look like a promising initiative that will influence more Indian people to come on media platforms and create content.