He rubbed my hands and then...Here's what 16-year-old boy did after getting sexually assaulted in Delhi Metro

In a string of posts, the teenager explained how he was assaulted while traveling in Delhi Metro and how he tried to escape from the situation.

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Courtesy: X (Bhavya)

A disturbing event has surfaced from social media, where a 16-year-old boy took his Reddit and X handle to express sexual assault while traveling in Delhi Metro. In his post, he described how he felt someone's bag on his back shortly after he boarded the metro train at Rajiv Chowk. However, he soon realized that it was the man's finger that was rubbing against his back. His first thought was that it might have been an accident, but things became worse when the man touched his hand and started to rub it.

In a string of posts, the victim explained how he was assaulted while traveling and when he de-boarded the train, then also the accused followed him and how he escaped. 

The boy also created a separate account on X to share the complaint. He also claimed that he has consulted an advocate for further proceedings in the case.

"I just got assaulted in Delhi metro right now at Rajiv Chowk metro station. I am a 16-year-old boy and I was traveling alone in the metro. My original post was on Reddit and people told me to post here and tag Delhi police so I'm doing this," he wrote while tagging the Delhi Police. However, no one has responded to the tweet yet.

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