Hotel manager in Goa staged wife's murder as ‘accident’ to hide affair, held later

Hotel manager in Goa, Gaurav Katiyar tried to cover the murder as an accident, claiming his wife drowned in the sea while he was away.

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A 29-year-old luxury hotel manager was apprehended on Saturday for allegedly drowning his wife at Cabo de Rama beach in Goa, according to the police.

Hotel manager kills wife in Goa

Gaurav Katiyar, who married Diksha Gangwar just a year ago, took his 27-year-old wife for a fatal stroll on the popular beach Friday afternoon, according to authorities. He lured her into the water near some rocks and held her under, leaving injuries on her body.

After this murder, Katiyar ran back onto shore screaming for help in an attempt to make her death look accidental. However, Goa police say video captured by a witness exposes Katiyar's actions.

The footage purportedly shows Katiyar emerging from the waves alone, then returning to the water to check if his wife was dead before raising the alarm.

Why Khatiyar killed his wife?

The police believe Katiyar, who worked at a high-end hotel in South Goa, killed his wife due to an extramarital affair. The couple originally hail from Lucknow in northern India.

"The incident occurred at around 3.45 pm on Friday after Katiyar took his wife for a stroll on the beach, located not far from his workplace," the official said.

When police arrived on the scene Friday, Katiyar clung to his story that Gangwar had drowned by accident. But the damning video undermined his claims of innocence.

Accused arrested

After examining the evidence, authorities arrested Katiyar on Saturday for the premeditated murder of his wife. He now could face life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

The shocking killing has shaken locals used to Cabo de Rama being a peaceful, scenic destination. Katiyar's alleged deception also highlights the need for thorough investigations when suspicious deaths occur.

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