Infant's life at risk: Ambulance driver assaulted by men in Bengaluru

The accused, infuriated by the ambulance's speed, chased it for five to six kilometers before attacking the driver.

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In a distressing incident on Sunday night, a private ambulance driver faced a violent attack while transporting a critically ill five-month-old baby to Vani Vilas Hospital in Bengaluru. The ambulance was en route from a private hospital in Tumakuru when the incident unfolded near the Nelamangala toll plaza.

The attack occurred following a harrowing chase initiated by four individuals in an allegedly intoxicated state. They began pursuing the ambulance, expressing anger at its speed, and continued the chase for approximately five to six kilometers before finally confronting the vehicle at the toll plaza.

Assault Despite Urgent Medical Need

Despite the urgent medical situation and the pleas of the child's parents, the assailants showed no mercy. They physically assaulted John, the ambulance driver, right in front of police officers stationed at the toll plaza. A video capturing the incident depicts the attackers reaching through the car window to attack the driver while demanding he exit the vehicle.

Allegations of Intoxication

The ambulance driver later alleged that the attackers displayed clear signs of being under the influence of alcohol during the assault, adding another concerning layer to the incident.

Police Intervention and Investigation

Thankfully, prompt police intervention led to the restraint of the attackers, allowing the ambulance to continue its crucial journey to the hospital. Mallikarjun Baldandi, Bengaluru Rural SP, commented on the incident, stating, "We have registered an FIR and are investigating further. We will find in inquiry if they were inebriated state when they were driving the vehicle."

This alarming incident highlights the need for greater awareness and respect for emergency services, especially during critical medical emergencies where every second counts.