Lok Sabha Elections 2024: PM Modi warns ministers against taking victory for granted

Prime Minister Modi is urging his Cabinet Ministers to actively engage with the public across the country and communicate the government's achievements and development record.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing his Cabinet Ministers to actively reach out to the public and spread the message about the government's achievements, sources say.

Despite the momentum generated by the consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the pragmatic PM Modi has cautioned his team against complacency. He pointed to the 2004 polls, when overconfidence cost the BJP power, as a stark reminder that nothing is guaranteed until the final votes are counted.

Back then, the Congress party led by Sonia Gandhi edged out the BJP to become the largest party in Parliament. It then cobbled together the UPA alliance and ruled for the next decade under Manmohan Singh's premiership.

While some in the BJP are already predicting a massive 400+ seat victory this time, Mr Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are leaving nothing to chance. They have sealed mutually beneficial alliances with old allies like Nitish Kumar's JD(U) in Bihar, while also building bridges with potential partners like Naveen Patnaik's BJD in Odisha.

Despite his government's strong record on the economy and global standing, Mr Modi knows the BJP must still rely on its grassroots machinery to turn out supporters on polling day. He worries that some may become complacent assuming his re-election is guaranteed.

The opposition bloc, though in disarray, can also count on a large anti-incumbency vote from minorities and others seeking change. Their focus is on voting out the BJP first and sorting out government formation later.

Recognising that arithmetic is vital even after chemistry, the PM and Mr Shah are pushing their key leaders to actively engage the public - from first-time voters to swing constituencies - and keep communicating the government's achievements. For the ever-campaigning Mr Modi, the 2024 election still hangs in the balance.