Man dies inside Noida prison, here's what he did

The tragic death of the accused in police custody in Noida has sparked corruption allegations after his brother claimed that the authorities demanded money for his release. Outpost police officials have been suspended as the investigations unfold.

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Courtesy: India Daily Live

Noida: In a surprising turn of events, the Noida Police are under severe scrutiny following the unfortunate death by suicide of a young man, Yogesh, while being detained at the Chipiyan outpost of the Bisrakh Police Station in Greater Noida. Yogesh, who used to work at a bakery in Noida, was arrested by authorities in connection with rape-related allegations levied against him by one of his co-workers.

However, the circumstances surrounding his detention took a dark turn when his lifeless body was discovered hanging in the police station the following morning. 

Yogesh's brother Jitendra has made serious complaints against the police, claiming that officials sought Rs 5 lakh for Yogesh's release. Following these allegations, all police officers stationed at the outpost were suspended pending further investigation.

Police officials suspended

As soon as the incident took place, senior officers rushed to the spot. Taking cognizance of seriousness of the matter, the Commissioner of Police, Laxmi Singh has suspended all the police officials deployed in that station. The growing tragedy has prompted  to a full investigation into the situation. The SP and SHO have also been directed to submit the report within 3-day time intervals. Furthermore, a panel of doctors has been charged with investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Initial police investigations indicate that Yogesh was implicated in the case by a colleague, triggering his summons to the Chipyana police post of Darshan Bisrakh police station where he was brought for questioning. However, the next morning he was found hanging. There are possibilities that the disclosure of the claims would have resulted in Yogesh's premature death.

Relatives demanding action

After hearing the news of the death by suicide, Yogesh's family members expressed astonishment and disbelief, seeking answers and accountability from the authorities. Soon after the death, a panchnama of the body was carried out under the supervision of a Magistrate. The family members of the accused have requested for the post-mortem to be taped on video to the relevant authorities.