DISTURBING! Youths throw dog from 50 ft height in Gujarat | VIDEO

The defenseless creature was rendered powerless as the perpetrators firmly grasped its legs, swinging it multiple times before ultimately hurling it into the grassy area.

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A video capturing the disturbing act of two youths swinging and throwing a stray dog from a considerable height has emerged, reportedly originating from Sayali village in Vadodara, Gujarat. The local police have taken action by registering an FIR against the perpetrators following a plea from an animal lover. However, as of May 16, the culprits remain at large.

Chilling video surfaces online

The footage depicted the two youths callously handling the dog, repeatedly swinging it despite its struggles to break free. With a firm grip on the dog's legs, they heartlessly tossed it into the air from a significant height, causing evident distress and pain to the helpless animal. The entire horrifying incident was captured on camera and shared widely across social media platforms.

Legal action initiated

The video gained attention after being shared on X by an animal welfare page, Dilthi Gujarati, highlighting the gravity of the situation. According to the post, the dog was subjected to being thrown from a height of approximately 50 feet, although there is no update on the dog's current condition.

Animal activist Krunal took swift action by involving legal advisor Akash Chavda to initiate legal proceedings against the perpetrators. The Darshana Animal Welfare Organisation in Gujarat also played a crucial role in drawing official attention to this act of cruelty. A police investigation is currently underway to identify the offenders and bring them to justice.

Outrage and demands for justice

The disturbing video sparked outrage among animal lovers and compassionate individuals who condemned the heinous act. Many expressed empathy for the dog's suffering and called for severe punishment for the perpetrators. Netizens took to social media to demand swift action, tagging the official X account of Gujarat Police and urging them to address the matter urgently. The sentiment was echoed by internet users demanding stringent consequences for such acts of cruelty against defenseless animals.