PM Modi commences 42-hour meditation at historic Vivekananda Rock Memorial till June 1

PM Modi will meditate from Thursday evening to the evening of June 1 at the Dhyan Mandapam, the location where Vivekananda—a spiritual icon revered by the PM—is believed to have had a divine vision of 'Bharat Mata'.

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Courtesy: ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commenced a two-day meditation retreat at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari on Thursday. Arriving from Thiruvananthapuram by helicopter, he initiated his spiritual journey on the evening of May 30, which is set to last until the evening of June 1, totaling nearly 45 hours. Modi's meditation will take place at the Dhyan Mandapam, the same site where Swami Vivekananda once meditated.

Temple Visit and Initiation of Meditation

Upon arrival, the Prime Minister visited the Bhagavathi Amman temple where he participated in worship and received temple prasad, including a shawl and a framed photograph of the presiding deity. Following this, he took a ferry operated by the state government to reach the rock memorial. Priests performed a special 'arthi' before he commenced his meditation.

Before beginning his meditation, Modi stood briefly on the steps leading to the Dhyan Mandapam, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding sea. The Prime Minister’s retreat will be marked by solitude and reflection in the same spiritually significant location where Swami Vivekananda meditated in 1892.

Potential Visit to Thiruvalluvar Statue

Ahead of his departure on June 1, Modi is expected to visit the nearby Thiruvalluvar statue. Both the memorial and the 133-foot statue, dedicated to the revered Tamil poet and philosopher, stand on separate rocky islets in the sea.

The retreat is marked by heightened security, with about 2,000 police personnel deployed across Kanyakumari district and additional vigilance by the Coast Guard and Navy. Despite the peaceful intent of the visit, it faced political opposition. In Madurai, the Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam staged a black flag demonstration, and social media platform 'X' saw a surge of #GoBackModi posts, reflecting the contention surrounding the Prime Minister’s broadcast meditation during the seventh phase of Lok Sabha elections on June 1.

Historical and Cultural Significance

This marks the first time Prime Minister Modi will stay at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, a monument dedicated to the revered Hindu saint. Modi’s choice of this location, following his previous meditative retreat at Kedarnath in 2019, underscores the cultural and spiritual significance of the site, located at the southernmost tip of mainland India.

Post-Election Reflection

After an intense campaign period for the Lok Sabha elections, during which Modi presided over numerous political events, his retreat to the serene ambiance of the memorial offers a stark contrast. The meditation period is set against the backdrop of only the sound of the waves, providing a tranquil environment for reflection.

Security and Public Reaction

The Prime Minister’s presence has led to substantial security arrangements at the memorial and throughout the district. This measure ensures the safety and uninterrupted meditation of the Prime Minister during his stay at the historically and spiritually significant site.