PM Modi targets Congress, BRS with 'Maha Loot' and 'Buri Nazar' remarks in Telangana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that the development of Telangana has been a key priority for his government at the Centre.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi didn't mince words as he criticized the ruling Congress and the opposition Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) in Telangana, accusing them of dashing the hopes and aspirations of the state's people. 

Speaking at a poll rally in Nagarkurnool, Telangana, Modi lambasted the two parties, stating, “Congress and BRS have shattered all dreams of Telangana.”

Taking a direct swipe at the BRS for alleged corruption and the Congress for what he termed a negative influence, Modi remarked, “First, it was BRS' ‘maha loot’ and now it is Congress' 'buri nazar'. For Congress, even 5 years are enough to destroy Telangana.”

These remarks underscored Modi's strong stance against what he perceives as detrimental political forces in the state.

During his address, the Prime Minister emphasised his scepticism regarding Congress' commitment to the state's welfare. "They gave the empty slogan of 'Garibi Hatao', yet took no action to uplift the poor,” Modi asserted. 

He further criticised their approach towards marginalised communities, stating, "They used SC, ST and OBC communities as vote banks, yet did nothing to transform their lives."

Modi also highlighted the alleged opposition of Congress and BRS to the central government's pro-poor initiatives. “Our schemes tend to benefit SCs, STs, OBCs, women, and farmers the most,” he stated. “Congress and BRS have time and again protested against our initiatives. Under the guise of social justice, they indulge in corrupt politics.”

Telangana's significance as a pivotal state in the South wasn't lost on the Prime Minister. Referring to it as the ‘gateway of the South', Modi reiterated that his government has prioritised the state's development. 

He also expressed confidence in the upcoming elections, claiming that even before the official poll schedule, the people's verdict has favoured the NDA, crossing 400 seats. “The country has announced: ‘Abki baar 400 paar'," Modi proclaimed, indicating a strong belief in his party's prospects in the forthcoming elections.