Watch video: Gruesome accident on Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway leaves 10 dead

A tragedy unfolded on the Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway on Wednesday, as a horrific accident claimed the lives of ten people.

Mayank Kasyap
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Courtesy: X/Jaihind1547

New Delhi: Disturbing visuals have emerged online showcasing the aftermath of the crash, which occurred near Nadiad. Early reports indicate a car traveling from Vadodara towards Ahmedabad collided head-on with a stationary trailer truck.

Eight confirmed dead at scene, two succumb to injuries

The severity of the impact resulted in eight immediate fatalities. Sadly, two additional victims succumbed to their injuries while receiving medical treatment, bringing the confirmed death toll to ten.

Authorities investigate cause, identify victims

The cause of the accident remains under investigation by local authorities. Identifying the deceased is also ongoing.

Traffic delays reported on expressway

The accident caused significant traffic disruptions on the busy expressway. Emergency responders are on the scene to clear the wreckage and manage traffic flow.

(This is a developing story. More details will be added as they arrive.)