What does it mean to be a responsible voter? National Voters' Day 2024 has the answers to it...

India is celebrating its 14th National Voters' Day today, an annual event highlighting the democratic rights and duties of citizens.

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India is commemorating its 14th National Voters' Day today, with the aim of promoting active electoral engagement among citizens.

The National Voters' Day was first inaugurated on 25th January 2011 under the Manmohan Singh government, based on a proposal by the Law Ministry. The objective was to boost enrollment among youth who recently turned 18, the minimum voting age in India.

On this day every year since, the Election Commission undertakes drives to identify and register all eligible 18-year-olds across polling stations in the country. New voters are also provided their Elector Photo Identity Card.

This year's National Voters' Day theme is "Nothing Like Voting, I Vote For Sure", continuing the momentum from 2023. President Droupadi Murmu will be the Chief Guest at the central celebrations in New Delhi, which will be graced by Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal.

The event will see participation from election bodies of Maldives, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan.

Importance of Voting

India's future as a democracy lies in the hands of its voters. The right to vote is enshrined as a fundamental right in the Constitution, which also lays down voters' responsibilities.

Voting allows citizens to have a say in governance and policy. By making their voices heard through the ballot, voters can shape the nation's path.

As the world's largest democracy, India takes pride in free and fair elections. National Voters' Day serves as an annual reminder of the power voters hold to determine the country's leaders and direction.

With over 900 million eligible voters, India's electorate is a force to reckon with. The Election Commission hopes that National Voters' Day will motivate more citizens, especially youth, to recognize and exercise their valued right to franchise.