Maharashtra: 18-year-old man dies of electrocution in Thane while erecting pavilion

The youth was erecting an iron pipe to construct a ceremonial canopy at the Ganga Hari Niwas Chawl for a haldi ceremony when he made contact with live wire and was electrocuted.

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An 18-year-old man was electrocuted in Maharashtra's Thane district on Monday, police reported.

The victim, identified as Mandar Ashok Chorge, was erecting an iron pipe to construct a pavillion at the Ganga Hari Niwas Chawl for a haldi ceremony in the Kalwa area. He reportedly came into contact with a live power cable while working, suffering an electric shock.

Chorge lost consciousness after the electrocution and was raced to a nearby hospital. However, doctors could not revive him and pronounced the 18-year-old deceased on arrival.


Maharashtra electrocution incidents


This marks the latest fatal electrocution incident in the state this month. Just last week on November 24th, two plumbers and an electrician were allegedly electrocuted while carrying out repairs at the Commander Hospital in New Delhi's Ranhola suburb. The three men were working to fix a water pump motor in a tank when the accident occurred according to authorities.

Local safety officials said they plan to investigate both the Thane and New Delhi incidents. They reminded residents to always exercise caution around electricity and immediately report any loose power cables or faulty wiring. Authorities added that licensed professionals should conduct all electrical repair jobs whenever possible.