'College kalesh' NMIMS professor swears during class, goes viral online!

The widely circulated video on various social media platforms shows a professor using profanity during what seems to be an exam.

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A video depicting a professor using profanity during what seems to be an exam, in response to student concerns has surfaced on social media platforms, sparking widespread discussion and criticism.
The video, which circulated on platforms like Instagram and X, was shared on April 30, 2024, quickly gaining attention due to its contentious nature.

According to a commentator on the video, the incident occurred at the NMIMS Navi Mumbai branch, although this information has not been officially confirmed by the institute.

Contextual Explanation by Commentator

A commentator shed light on the context of the incident captured in the video, stating, "First of all, he's a UG professor. Secondly, the actual issue is that there were two sets of question papers for an exam, with 1 being much harder than the other (Set C), which this professor didn't make. However, the students were hounding him about it, and he got mad and uttered many obscenities. He was fired shortly after."

The video's release has led to a debate regarding the behaviour of educators and the handling of academic disputes. It also raises questions about the standards of conduct expected in educational institutions, especially during stressful situations like exams.

Institutional Response

As of now, there has been no official statement from the institute or the professor involved in the incident. However, the emergence of this video has highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in academic settings, urging institutions to address such matters promptly and effectively.