'Pyar hamara amar rahega' man marries five brides, sparks outrage online; Watch video

A viral post on social media shows a groom filling the partings of five brides with sindoor. This video is gaining significant attention online.

Shantanu Poswal
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People sometimes do things that quickly become viral everywhere. One such video is currently making waves on social media, where a groom is seen filling the partings of five brides with sindoor. This video has gone viral, causing quite a stir.

After seeing this viral video, people are getting furious and leaving a lot of comments criticising the groom. However, the truth behind this viral video seems to tell a different story.

A Groom Marries Five Brides

In the viral video, a groom is seen with five girls dressed as brides. The groom fills the sindoor in each bride's parting, one by one. Afterward, in the video, the groom stands up, and the five brides touch his feet to receive blessings. The video of the man marrying five brides is making rounds on the internet. Some people found the video amusing, while others expressed their outrage, saying it mocks Indian culture.

Amusing Comments from Viewers

The viral video was posted on Instagram from an account named actorbrajesh07. It has been viewed by over 50 million people and liked by more than 1.4 million. Viewers have left many amusing comments. One user commented that these are not girls but hijras (transgender individuals) and that they are just pretending to get married for the video. Another user wrote that it is a scripted video made for fun. One more commented, "The guy got married for all seven lifetimes in one." Another wrote that one of them is a girl, while the rest are boys.