Comedian Rohan Joshi exposes scam call Involving fake courier to Cambodia; Deets inside

Comedian Rohan Joshi Explains How a Courier Scam Targeted Him Comedian Rohan Joshi was the victim of a courier fraud perpetrated by con artists posing as Delhi Customs officials. View the trending video.

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You may be aware of the recent surge in viral courier scams in India, in which con artists deceive people by pretending that their identity card has been used for illegal purposes, such as the smuggling of drugs or weapons. These con artists frequently impersonate police or customs officers in order to coerce victims into sending money to their accounts. Now, this plan even targets comedian Rohan Joshi. One of the original members of the creative agency AIB, Rohan Joshi, related an experience he had with a con artist trying to pull off the well-known courier scam. But a small mistake revealed everything.

Joshi posted a video to Instagram describing the “greatest hoax call.” He said that someone posing as a representative of Delhi Police and Customs called him. The caller said that narcotics shipments from Delhi to Cambodia were connected to Joshi's Aadhaar card. There was a moment of hesitation before the person reluctantly responded "MMDA" in response to Joshi's question about the exact kind of medications linked to his name.

Joshi's experiance!

Joshi was able to identify the scam because of this error, since the con artist probably intended to say MDMA rather than MMDA. MDMA, sometimes known as ecstasy or molly, is a synthetic substance that is 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine. Joshi was lucky to end the contact before any money was lost; therefore, his bank account remained unaltered. Soon after, others started leaving comments on the video. A user reported a comparable incident, saying, "This also happened to me! My friend confidently answered, "MDMA," but I immediately thought, "Do you even know what you are talking about? MDMA is a whole form." Guy hung up in a hurry. 

Scams keep rolling back!

A few weeks later, I received another call, and this time, I just asked him if he had come prepared with what MDMA stands for. I believe that at this point, they have blocked me. A third commenter described their personal experience, saying, "I knew that was a scam call; they said we are from Gujarat police and your pan and Aadhar card are used for illegal smuggling from Baroda to Nigeria and I stood quietly for a moment, not saying anything and then asked, Are you there? Another commenter recounted a colleague's loss of Rs 10 lakh to the scam. Are you hearing me? I hung up the phone after saying, "Ha maal pohoch jaaye to missed call maar dena."