Couple films obscene video of elderly landlord, extorts Rs 35 lakhs

Salim's ordeal took a sinister turn when Salman's wife lured him into the rented room under the pretext of a faulty light.

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Courtesy: Pixabay/peggychoucair

In a troubling incident unfolding in Dehradun, a 70-year-old landlord has fallen victim to a cunning scheme orchestrated by a husband-wife duo. Exploiting the elderly man's vulnerability, they extorted a staggering sum of Rs 35 lakhs by coercing him with an obscene video. Despite the hefty payment, the relentless demands for money persist, prompting the elderly victim to seek justice through legal channels. Let's delve into the details of this distressing ordeal.

Trapped in a Deceptive Web

The victim, Salim Ahmed, a resident of Mehunwala, recounted his harrowing experience to the authorities at the Patel Nagar police station. Ahmed, who owns a hotel in Van Vihar Colony, rented out a room to a man named Salman, hailing from Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. However, suspicions arose when Salman failed to provide adequate verification documents. Despite this, Ahmed reluctantly rented the room to him.

A Diabolical Plan Unfolds

Salim's ordeal took a sinister turn when Salman's wife lured him into the rented room under the pretext of a faulty light. Unbeknownst to him, the couple had set a trap, capturing obscene footage of the elderly landlord. Exploiting the video as leverage, they demanded a hefty sum of Rs 40 lakhs under the threat of public humiliation. Fearful of the repercussions, Ahmed succumbed to their demands, handing over Rs 35 lakhs to the blackmailers.

Escalating Tensions

Despite the exorbitant payment, the accused persisted in their extortion attempts, exacerbating the plight of the elderly victim. Adding insult to injury, Salman's wife filed a false complaint against Ahmed, further complicating the matter. However, Ahmed, determined to seek justice, lodged a formal complaint with the police, prompting them to initiate an investigation.

Legal Action Unfolds

In response to Ahmed's complaint, the Patel Nagar police registered a case against the accused couple, initiating legal proceedings against them. Inspector Kamal Kumar Lunthi confirmed the registration of the case, vowing to pursue the matter diligently. Furthermore, a 'cross case' has been filed against Salman and his wife, signifying a crucial step towards rectifying the injustice perpetrated against the elderly landlord.

As the investigation unfolds, the plight of Salim Ahmed serves as a sobering reminder of the vulnerability of the elderly to exploitation and deceit. Through swift legal action and stringent measures, authorities aim to bring the perpetrators to justice and safeguard the rights and dignity of all citizens.