Delhi's sudden downpour brings relief: Netizens rejoice as scorching heatwave subsides

One user exclaimed, "Indradev has finally blessed us!" The Air Quality Index of the city also gradually improved after receiving showers.

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After days of sweltering heat, Delhi finally received a refreshing reprieve in the form of unexpected showers. The sudden change in weather left netizens amazed, with many expressing both confusion and delight. 

One user exclaimed, "Indradev has finally blessed us!." The Air Quality Index of the city also gradually improved after receiving showers. 

Another user simply stated, "Finally, it's raining!" and shared glimpses of the welcome change.

A creative user even drew a parallel between the unusual weather and the coexistence of sunshine and rain.

Another user exclaimed, "Never have I ever appreciated Delhi rains this much."

The sudden downpour brought a collective sigh of relief and made netizens enjoy few moment break from exasperating heatwaves and continuosly tormenting extreme weather conditions. 

Severe heatwave conditions prevailed in the capital

Resulting from soaring water demands amidst prevailing heatwave condition, the Delhi government has earlier directed the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to impose a fine of Rs 2,000 for water wastage. It has also said it to deploy 200 teams across the city starting from May 30 to identify and penalise anyone found guilty of wasting water, especially using pipes for car washing, overflowing water tanks and use of domestic water for commercial use and commercial purposes.