Digital romance: Russian influencer’s QR code hunt for Indian husband goes viral

Russian influencer Dinara posted a video in which she states that she is seeking an Indian husband.

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Courtesy: Instagram

The internet is a curious place where we never know what to expect. On social media, content is king. The more entertaining and fascinating it is, the more interest it piques from users. In this particular scenario, the audience is currently enjoying themselves while discussing a recently popular video. Russian influencer Dinara posted this video, in which she declares her desire to marry an Indian man.

Russian influencer goes viral! 

Russian influencer Dinara is seen standing in a mall while donning a crimson saree in this incredible video that has gone viral. She is holding a placard in her hand that reads, "I am looking for an Indian husband," and on it is the QR code of her Instagram profile. In addition, there is a message inscribed with it. "Help me locate the one," is what Dinara wrote as a message when she shared this video on Instagram.

Instant viral sensation 

Dinara posted a video online, and it is quickly becoming viral. Users are reacting to it in different ways, with some being better than others. After watching this video, users are going crazy if they can see it. More than 94 thousand individuals have loved this five-day-old video, which has amassed more than 8.3 million views.

 "I am ready but I am still a minor," was written by a user who had watched the movie. "May God provide you an honest and good partner," penned a different user. "Girls can do anything to become popular," penned the third user.