Do you have such cooperative boss? WATCH corporate employee's chai-omelette 'side hustle'

"While conversing with the RJ, I mentioned that I sell chai and omelette here and simultaneously work in the corporate sector," he remarked, leaving the RJ surprised.

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A video of a corporate employee running a tea stall as a side business has gone viral on social media. The video features an interview with the chai seller, conducted by RJ Speedy Kingh Haryanvi, who recorded the conversation. The tea seller revealed that he works in a corporate job but does not solely rely on it for his livelihood.

"I sell chai and omelette here. Alongside, I am also in corporate," the chai seller said, surprising the RJ. "After COVID, I lost faith in regular jobs and opened this side business, which is a must," he added.

"What if the Manager Finds Out?"

The RJ inquired about the potential consequences if the man's corporate manager discovered his side business. The chai seller's response was unexpected. He suggested that his manager was already aware of the tea stall.

Pointing to a man behind him, the chai seller identified him as his manager, who also runs a food business on the same street. "Why would office people not allow me to do this? He is our senior manager who sells pakodas here," the chai seller explained.

The Manager's Confirmation

The microphone was then handed to the senior manager, who confirmed his involvement in a pakoda stall nearby. "The opposite stall from here is mine," the manager said, corroborating the chai seller's statement.

Viral Sensation

The video, posted by RJ Speedy Kingh Haryanvi on Instagram, has amassed over 11.4 million views. While it remains unclear if the video is entirely factual or intended for entertainment, it has nonetheless captured the attention of netizens and sparked widespread discussion on social media.