Girlfriend comes between 9-year marriage, becomes threat to lives of wife and children…

The tranquility of their marriage was disrupted around 2017, as the husband's conduct took a drastic turn for the worse.

Prateek Gautam
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Courtesy: Pixabay/aditto1994

A once harmonious relationship of 15 years was shattered when a girlfriend intruded into the lives of a married couple, sparking threats against the wife and children. The disturbing turn of events has prompted legal action, with the victim filing a complaint against her husband and his paramour.

Stages of the Relationship

The marital saga unfolded over the span of 15 years, beginning with the union of a woman from Pilkha Sunderpur and her husband, Ashok Singh, in April 2008. Initially residing together in Delhi, they welcomed the arrival of their daughter and son, experiencing a decade of relative stability and happiness.

Deteriorating Relations

However, the tranquility of their marriage was disrupted around 2017, as the husband's conduct took a drastic turn for the worse. Allegations emerged of frequent physical abuse and verbal assaults inflicted upon his wife, marking a stark departure from their earlier harmony. The root cause of this tumultuous shift was traced to Ashok Singh's extramarital affair with Mamta Adhikari, a resident of Almora, Delhi.

Threats and Coercion

As tensions escalated, attempts by the victim to confront the other woman were met with threats of violence against both her and their children. Faced with mounting challenges and fearing for their safety, the victim was compelled to seek refuge in Almora, retreating from the hostile environment in Delhi.

Legal Action and Investigation

In response to the victim's plea for justice, the Mahila Thana police have initiated legal proceedings against both Ashok Singh and Mamta Adhikari. A case has been registered, signalling the commencement of a thorough investigation into the matter. Authorities are actively pursuing leads to ensure accountability and redress for the aggrieved party.

The distressing ordeal faced by the victim underscores the devastating impact of infidelity and domestic discord on familial relationships. As legal proceedings unfold, it is imperative to address issues of marital strife and safeguard the rights and well-being of individuals affected by such traumatic experiences. Through concerted efforts and legal recourse, justice can be pursued, offering hope for resolution and reconciliation in the face of adversity.