Kismat ka jaadu? RPF saves boy stuck between wheels of moving train, traveling over 100 Kms

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Hardoi ultimately rescued the boy. It's astounding how the young boy endured such extreme heat and discomfort while trapped between the train's wheelset and still managed to travel such a considerable distance.

Shantanu Poswal
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In a remarkable incident that unfolded in Uttar Pradesh's Hardoi district on Sunday (April 21), a child residing near the railway tracks found himself in a harrowing situation. While playing near a stationary freight train, the boy unwittingly became a passenger as the train commenced its journey, carrying him nearly 100 km while he was trapped between its wheelsets. Despite enduring the intense heat and the discomfort of his precarious position, the boy remarkably managed to travel such a great distance before being rescued.

The incident occurred when the young boy climbed onto the goods train that was stationed on the tracks. Engrossed in his play, he remained unaware as the train suddenly set off. Realising his predicament too late, the boy was unable to get off from the moving train.

Rescue Operation by RPF

Fortunately, an attentive Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable spotted the boy ensnared between the wheelsets. Footage of the incident captures the efforts of the RPF constable as he aids the trapped child, assisting him in manoeuvring out from between the wheelsets. Despite the challenges, the boy eventually manages to free himself, albeit appearing exhausted and drained from his ordeal and the oppressive heat within the wheelsets.

Handover to Child Care in Hardoi

Following his rescue, the boy was handed over to the Child Care authorities in Hardoi. The incident, captured on social media platforms, elicited widespread concern and well-wishes for the child's swift recovery after enduring such a daunting journey. Many online viewers expressed their hope for the boy to be reunited with his family soon.

The video footage showcasing the alertness of the police officer in saving the child's life garnered admiration from netizens. While the circumstances of the boy's experience are difficult to fathom, the swift and effective response of the police officer in handling the situation has been lauded and rightly acknowledged.