MasterChef Australia contestant teaches judges correct method of enjoying pani puri! WATCH

Sumeet Saigal, a contestant from India on the culinary reality show, dazzled the judges with her inventive interpretation of traditional street food.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Courtesy: Instagram

Without a doubt, one of the most well-liked street snacks in India is pani puri. Every foodie loves to eat crispy puris stuffed with hot pani in one mouthful while lounging by the roadside. Now popular worldwide, the Indian street snack has expanded. It has appeared in Season 16 of the well-liked reality series MasterChef Australia. The judges have been impressed by Sumeet Saigal, an Indian participant in the cooking reality show, for her inventive preparation of this delicious dish.

Sumeet's recent endeavor

Sumeet Saigal demonstrates how to eat pani puris to the judges in the most recent trailer for the reality show. She proposes breaking the puris, stuffing them with spiced potato, sprinkling date-tamarind and mint coriander chutneys on top, and then pouring in the cool, fizzy water. 

Pani Puri seems to impress judges

The judges pause after consuming a pani puri to savor the explosion of flavors. As the video comes to an end, Sumeet is applauded by the judges. The show is official Instagram account posted the video along with the caption, "Pani puri instruction from the master!" Sumeet Saigal reportedly quit her position in sales management to follow her dream of becoming a chef. In addition, Sumeet Saigal uploaded a few images from the program that provided a closer look at the dish. He stated, "If Chaat and Indian street food were a kingdom, Pani Puri would be the ruling monarch! It is the representative of Indian

street cuisine! 

That is where you begin (and probably end!). She went on to say that it gives her great pleasure to watch the judges experience the explosion of flavors and that she was honored and ecstatic that they tried it and enjoyed it. She continued by saying that her fondest memories of pani puri date back to her school days, when she would frequently miss the bus, phone her mother to arrange for a ride, and visit a dilapidated chaat shop in Bangalore to indulge in a dozen pani puris.