Train to Busan star Don Lee's Hello Kitty phone cover delights internet users with cuteness overload

"Real men hold Hello Kitty phone cases," an admirer commented in response to the post.

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Courtesy: Pinterest/Instagram

A growing trend are quirky phone coverings. There are lots of silicone, leather, printed, and 3D cover options available online and in stores. Not just the ordinary public, but also famous people are frequently seen with unusual situations. Actor Don Lee, better known by his stage name Ma Dong-seok, from South Korea recently attracted attention with his choice of phone cover. Don Lee was seen showing off his lovely Hello Kitty cell phone cover, most likely at the premiere of his most recent movie, The Roundup: Punishment. A similar video has been making the rounds online.

Don Lee and his soft heart!

Don Lee was seen entering a theater in the Instagram video that was posted. He had security around him and was wearing a powder blue shirt under his blue suit. The actor smiled subtly and bowed to meet the audience as they clapped for him. He soon removed his phone, and the back cover caught everyone's attention right away. The design was a white Hello Kitty, with the well-known anthropomorphic cat with two ears protruding from the sides and the creature dressed in a pink ensemble accessorized with a pink bow. Don Lee captured the image of his followers. More than 15 million people have watched the video.

Social media loves him!

Social media users responded to the video on Instagram as soon as it was posted, and in the greatest way possible. Most of them made a comparison between the actor's real life and his on-screen character, which were very dissimilar. One person remarked, "Born to be a cutie, forced to be a thug." Another person wrote, "Real men hold Hello Kitty phone cases." One fan said, "Body as security, heart as a kitten." The actor from Train To Busan was described as a “big man with baby girl energy” by someone.

Don Lee has been spotted showing off his cute Hello Kitty phone cover before. The actor previously posted a video to Instagram in which he was shown using the device to take selfies while flying.He even grinned at the camera while creating finger hearts with his hands. Don Lee has a reputation for portraying rugged guys in action-packed movies. However, the Hello Kitty phone case suggests that he may be more sensitive than he seems.