Watch Video: Samit, Rahul Dravid's son, hits KL Rahul's signature shot in Lancashire vs Karnataka match

Cricket fans were captivated by Samit Dravid, the son of Rahul Dravid, as he completed a flawless square cut reminiscent of KL Rahul. Find the video attached below.

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Courtesy: Pinterest/Sport Time and X/FanCode

Samit Dravid, the son of India's head coach Rahul Dravid, has been in the public eye since he began playing age-group cricket. for apparent reasons. To Samit's credit, his performance in the past few years has garnered more attention than his connection to an Indian cricket icon. The tale was pretty much the same this time, too. Similar to KL Rahul, Samit Dravid plays square cuts.

Cricket fans were drawn to Samit's skillfully performed square cut, which had echoes of KL Rahul. Fan Code, the broadcasters' official X Twitter, compared the shot to Samit's father Rahul Dravid, but a deeper examination shows the cut was even more similar to KL Rahul. 

Overview of Samit's recent performance 

Samit has recently been playing well. At an average of 36, he scored 362 runs in 8 matches, good for a decent Cooch Behar Trophy performance. Samit can truly be considered an all-round player. The strongest evidence comes from his U19 Cooch Behar Trophy results. Samit, a medium-paced bowler, took 16 wickets at an average of 19 in 8 games.

Watch Samit's trending clip from match:

Lancashire vs Karnataka 

In a two-day warm-up match in Bengaluru, Samit played the shot against the English county team Lancashire for the Karnataka State Cricket Association XI. Two English teams, Lancashire and Sussex, are in Bengaluru right now for their pre-season training in advance of this year's County Championships.

Josh Boyden, a left-arm spinner from Lancashire, made a brief delivery. In order to hit the ball past point, Samit rapidly sensed the length, shifted his weight to the backfoot, and rolled his wrists over the ball.

Details of match

Having won the toss, Lancashire sent in their KSCA XI. KSCA lost their first three wickets for 62 runs before Samit entered the batting at No. 5. Though careful at first, he managed to keep the scoreboard running. Samit appeared to have the upper hand, but Jack Morley's strong serve caught him off guard.

Samit was undone by the bounce, even though the left-arm spinner's ball pitched on center and veered little away from the right-hander. Luke Wells made a remarkable catch at the first slip after it struck his gloves. Samit went out after two boundaries and 25 off 45 balls. Smaran Ravi led the KSCA XI innings with a brilliant 111 off 153 balls. Hardik Raj, who scored 67 off 74 balls, provided him with strong assistance. In 83 overs, KSCA was bowled out for 356.