Wedding gone wrong! Bride refuses marrying drunk groom; Family taken hostage

To everyone's shock, the groom, Manjit (name changed), was discovered unconscious in his car, heavily intoxicated.

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New Delhi: A wedding in Katihar district, India, took a dramatic turn when the groom arrived intoxicated, leading to a cancelled ceremony and a tense hostage situation. The incident unfolded in a village within the Kursela block. The baraat (wedding procession) was expected from Sultanganj, Bhagalpur district. The bride's family had made elaborate preparations to welcome the groom and his entourage. However, the baraat's arrival was significantly delayed.

Concerns rise, patience wears thin

Guests awaited the groom's arrival late into the night, finally departing after dinner. The actual arrival didn't occur until the following morning. To everyone's shock, the groom, Manjit (name changed), was discovered unconscious in his car, heavily intoxicated.

Bride refuses intoxicated groom

Upon learning of the groom's state, the bride, Guriya (name changed), and her family understandably refused to proceed with the wedding. Manjit, along with his father, claimed his friends had forced him to drink on the way, rendering him unconscious.

Financial dispute leads to hostage situation

Despite their claims, Manjit's family demanded the return of the ₹4.5 lakh (US$5,600) spent on wedding preparations. In a shocking turn of events, the bride's family, outraged by the groom's behavior, took Manjit, his mother, and his father hostage at the wedding venue.

Emotions fare

Tensions ran high as the bride's side, particularly the bride's brother, expressed their anger and disappointment at the turn of events. Local residents intervened, facilitating a discussion between the two families. Ultimately, an agreement was reached – the groom's family would reimburse the bride's family for the wedding expenses before they could leave.

Financial settlement, unconventional ending

The groom's family arranged the money, and the ordeal concluded with Manjit and his parents returning home – unmarried and ₹4.5 lakh lighter. Fortunately, the incident did not escalate further, and no police involvement was reported.