Rahat Fateh Ali Khan addresses viral student assault video, takes responsibility, offers apology

Viral video shows Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan attacking man; Khan issues statement after public backlash

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Iconic Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan issued an apology Saturday after a video circulated online showing him physically assaulting one of his students. The controversial footage sparked outrage and condemnation of the renowned artist's aggressive behavior.

The viral video shows Khan beating the young man with shoes and slapping him repeatedly over a missing bottle. The student was identified as Naveed Hasnain.

Many Pakistani netizens reacted strongly to the footage, criticizing the singer's violent actions.

In a follow-up video posted later, a remorseful Khan described the incident as "a personal matter between a teacher and his student." Hasnain also appeared in the video standing next to Khan, explaining that the missing bottle contained sacred water from a revered religious figure.

"He is my father and my teacher. He loves us a lot too," said Hasnain. "Whoever leaked this video was trying to defame my teacher."

Khan stated he had immediately asked for Hasnain's forgiveness after the filmed assault.

His public apology aims to mitigate damage to his reputation as an icon of Pakistani music following the release of the damning footage. But many will be watching to see if this violent episode truly represents an exception or part of a problematic pattern for the famous artist.