Is Australia making it tough for Indian students to get visas? Check out the new rules

The move is meant to ensure that students can afford basic living and this will help them plan their future better.

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In a major change, Australia has made it tougher for international students to get visas. According to the recent amendments, the country has increased the amount of money a student has to show in the savings to get eligible to enter the country. The required amount will now be Australian $29,710 which is equivalent to Rs 16,29,964 from May 10. The required amount will now be 75% of the national minimum wage to qualify for a visa. 

According to the people who know the subject, the move is meant to ensure that students can afford basic living and this will help them plan their future better. 

Notably, this is the second time in seven months that the saving amount has been increased, which turned up to Rs 13,44,405 from Rs 11,54,361 in October. The series of policy changes in recent months has come in view of tightening the visa rules as after lifting the Covid-19 restrictions a sudden influx of migrants has been noticed.
In March also, the government increased the English language requirements for students and simultaneously took steps to end the prolonged stay. 

Policy change effect

The changes in Australia's student visa rules could indeed have an impact on Indian students. One notable change is the introduction of a new regional study visa that encourages students to study and live in regional areas. This could influence Indian students' choices regarding where to study and potentially lead to a shift in the distribution of Indian students across different parts of Australia.

However, experts believe that the policy change in Australia regarding student visas, which aims to reduce yearly immigration by half, has had a major effect on Indian students. The number of Indian students granted visas fell by 48% between December 2022 and December 2023. India continues to be the second-largest place of origin for enrolled international students despite this. Data suggests that, between January and September 2023, almost 122,000 Indian students were allegedly enrolled in universities across the nation.

It's always important for prospective students to stay updated on visa regulations and consider how these changes may impact their study plans.