Is PoK slipping from Pakistan’s hand? Posters show people demanding merger with India, but here’s what Amit Shah said

The protest against Pakistan Police and governance has been witnessed in several areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

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The tensions that are developing in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) are critically complex as a political dynamic. The posters that are emerging on social media show people demanding a merger with India. The movement indicates that the people’s rights movement has surged in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir against the brutality at the hands of Pakistan police and Pakistan's governance. The protests indicate a growing dissatisfaction or unrest among certain segments of the population in PoK.

Meanwhile, according to the people who are aware of the matter, claims that violent suppression from the locals indicates that Pakistan could be losing grip on the territorial part, which has been illegally occupied for decades. Several instances of locals clashing with law enforcement in Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot demanding a merger with India. Numerous tweets showing violence have surfaced on social media handles.

Why protest has been erupted?

Violent protests have broken out against the heavy taxation, high inflation, and electricity shortage by the governance. Also, while distorting the protestors, Pakistani Rangers fired tear gas, pellets, and bullets into the air, which claimed the lives of two protestors.
It's also important to note that the issue of Kashmir is highly sensitive and deeply intertwined with the national identities and security concerns of both India and Pakistan.

Amit Shah on PoK

Meanwhile, taking a dig at Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar, Union Minister Amit Shah on Sunday made a scathing attack on the opposition, accusing them of indulging in appeasement politics and challenging India’s sovereignty over Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (Pok).

Notably, the statement from Shah came after Aiyar on April 15 during an interview with one of the media houses, saying, “They are also a sovereign country (Pakistan). They are a respected nation. You can talk tough with them (Pakistan). But start the dialogue. You are walking with a gun which yielded you nothing. Tensions are escalating. And if a mad person comes there, what will happen to the nation? They have an atom bomb. We also possess the atomic bomb. But if a mad person detonates our bomb at Lahore station, so within eight seconds, eight moments, its radioactivity will reach Amritsar.”