Will kill your father if...: Boy forces girl inside gym before doing THIS with four other friends

The boys have been identified as Rohit, Ajay, Mohsin, Javed and Yunus who were also involved in raping the girl.

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New Delhi: A girl who was studying in Rajasthan's Churu district succumbed to injuries after being raped. The girl was attacked with so much brutality and sexually assaulted by 5 boys. The girl was taken on pretext of showing the gym.

One of the her classmate had taken her to the gym to show her the place. Upon reaching the gym she was made unconscious. After she fell down on the floor five boys started raping her one by one. Actually, once the girl was made unconscious, all the boys took turns to rape the innocent girl. 

Boys left the gym after raping her 

After brutally raping the girl, all the boys left from the gym leaving the girl behind. Soon after, the owner of the gym was informed about the incident and also that the girl was locked inside the gym. On becoming aware of the situation the gym owner rescued the girl from the gym and handed her over to her family. The girl was taken to her home in half-dead condition. 

The girl succumbed to her injuries while being taken to the hospital and lost her life. The situation is likely to worsen on communal angle since the 3 out of 5 accused belong to different religion. 

Meanwhile, Ratangarh police station is investigating the case. They have said the girl's mother has filed a complaint of gangrape against five boys. The boy who took her to the gym has been identified as Rohit, who is also her schoolmate. Apart from him the other boys have been identified as Ajay, Mohsin, Javed and Yunus who were also involved in raping the girl.

Daughter reveals ordeal to mother before dying

Based on the information revealed to the police by the girl's mother after her death. The mother went on to file a case against the five accused. The mother of the girl told the police that Rohit had sexually assaulted the girl. He forcefully dragged her inside in the name of showing her the gym and when she refused to go to, he said that he would tell his friends to get her father killed. After that the girl went to inside the gym.

What happened inside the gym?

A boy named Javed was present inside the gym who used to come there for workout. other accused were also present there when the girl reached inside the gym. Soon after the boys forcefully fed something to the girl and when she became unconscious, they raped her for several hours. Following this Javed locked the gym from outside and ran away along with his friends. 

How was the girl rescued?

After this incident, when someone informed the gym owner. He opened the lock and handed over the girl to her family. The family tried to suppress the matter so that the daughter would not be defamed. 

What happened after her rescue?

Meanwhile wihin 24 hours the girl's health started deteriorating. She was referred from Churu to a big hospital in Bikaner. While she was being transported she died on the way. A case was registered against all the five boys in Ratangarh police station under serious sections including gangrape. Not a single accused has been arrested. Additional police arrangements have been made to ensure that the situation remains under control.