From classroom to courtroom: Teacher arrested for 'making out' with 5th grader

The impending July nuptials between Madison Bergmann and her fiancé Hickman were abruptly called off after the shocking disclosure that Bergmann had allegedly engaged in an inappropriate affair with one of her 11-year-old student.

Shantanu Poswal
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A shocking scandal unfolded in Wisconsin when 24-year-old elementary school teacher Madison Bergmann faced arrest for allegedly "making out" with one of her fifth-grade students. In the aftermath of her arrest, Bergmann's fiancé, Sam Hickman, made the agonizing decision to call off their impending nuptials, according to a close friend.

The couple had originally planned to exchange vows in July, but the revelation of Bergmann's purported affair with an 11-year-old student shattered those dreams, leaving their relationship in tatters. "It's been indefinitely postponed. And it probably won't happen. Sam is really upset and heartbroken. He's embarrassed and pissed. He didn't deserve this. Everyone is pissed," confided Hickman's friend, painting a picture of profound heartbreak and disbelief.

The friend's words laid bare the depth of Hickman's anguish, compounded by the disturbing nature of the allegations. "Not only did she cheat on him, but she cheated with a little kid," they revealed, underscoring the layers of betrayal Hickman now grappled with. As the shocking details emerged, the friend described a man reeling from the impact, stating, "He's really, really hurt. Not talking too much about it. He's still in shock."

According to charging documents, Bergmann's arrest followed the victim's parents' discovery of intimate interactions between their son and the teacher. This sparked an investigation at River Crest Elementary School, where Bergmann taught. Investigators uncovered disturbing texts from Bergmann, detailing alleged acts within the classroom during lunch or after school hours.

Further complicating the case, police reportedly found a folder in the victim's possession bearing Bergmann's name and notes outlining the frequency of their alleged encounters. "The New York Post reported that the duration of the assault remains unknown, but the alleged perpetrator informed investigators that she received the boy's phone number from his mother in December when the family invited her to spend winter break in the Afton Alps," added the report.

Bergmann now faces a single count of first-degree child sexual assault and was released on a $25,000 signature bond. Additionally, she has been barred from contacting students, parents, or staff within the district, underscoring the gravity of the allegations and the potential lifelong repercussions for all involved.